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It’s attractive for a woman to have her own hobbies and interests.The time apart only reminds him of just how great you are.No matter how old you are, there will and is going to be some of it in your life – guaranteed.But the old stuff from high school or college – like the [your roommate Becky slept with your on and off boyfriend] thing you refuse to let go – leave it a thing in your past. It happened back then for a reason, now the years forward and the next guy shouldn’t have to pay for it.But having simple knowledgeable life skills will get you extra bonus points – like not having any debt, being motivated for your future and setting goals for yourself is a really good start. But the every weekend thing at your favorite club or bar with your sorority sisters has got to come to an end. I’m not saying the occasional party or night out needs to fizzle – we’re all entitled to fun, a stress release and time with our friends.But a committed man does not want to learn that you get belligerent drunk, or post up at the club with your girlfriends every weekend or .Now being married, I had realized the direction in life I needed to take in order for allowing the right one to come along, and what sent me away in heartache years ago.Here I’m shedding a little bit of harsh light on 8 relationship deal breakers for men.

Men want a woman who’s not only willing but wants to have a girl’s night out.

There are certain traits that’ll have men running straight for the hills, not the altar. She Doesn’t Have her own Life One of the best things about a relationship is being able to have a built-in best friend.

Your partner is the person you can spend a lazy Sunday with or your big Friday night out.

But how about from the guy’s perspective, and for the guys who are actually invested in finding and being in a committed relationship?

I’m talking about the guys who are visualizing possibly marriage, or a future with someone special.

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Besides the obvious vices, some men say bad habits like poor hygiene or being very messy are also a turn off.

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